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Music Video


£30 for your
First Video!

Get your first Standard Video with AdUp Active for just £30! (worth £70)
*First video by AdUp Active per Artist

Standard Music Video Production


A standard, single-location shoot and edit for your latest release. Perfect for up & coming artists with a small budget.

> Single Location

> 1-2 Weeks Delivery

> Unlimited Revisions

*Manchester area only


> Out Soon/ Out Now > Photo Shoot 

> Thumbnail Graphic

> YouTube Channel Art

Advanced Music Video Production


A professional shoot and edit for a track you know will bang. Ideal for artists with a bigger budget and a vision in mind.

> Multiple Locations

> 2 Weeks Delivery 

> Unlimited Revisions


> Everything in Standard

> Optional feature on AdUp Active YouTube

> Promotional Graphics

Get in Touch!

Got any questions? Feel free to give me a call -
07985 475793 | or email me on AdZ@adupactive.com


Get featured on our YouTube!

£20 / Included in Advanced Video Production

1.5k +             320k +             15 +

Subscribers                            Views                                Videos 

Z1 - Reverse [Official Music Video]

10k+ Views
350+ Likes
20+ Comments

OTC x RasTafari - Coming For The Top [Official Music Video]

230k+ Views
3.5k+ Likes
200+ Comments

OTC x RasTafari - How We 
Do [Official Music Video]

40k+ Views
1k+ Likes
100+ Comments

I'm AdZ, a 17yr old graphic designer, videographer and music producer. I am looking to turn your vision into a product you can not refuse.

I provide a range of professional services at an affordable price and with unlimited revisions on all products, I can guarantee 100% satisfaction.

Adam Scott - AdZ - Adam Scott
AdZ @adupactive